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Tri-4 Your Cure Organization

Paul Joern was an avid tri-athlete who was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 41. During his treatment, Paul learned that melanoma is a very difficult cancer that is treated with a myriad of not-so-effective techniques.

The Tri-4 Your Cure Organization has been created to fulfill Paul Joern's vision of helping others that have been affected by melanoma. Through fundraising for cancer research and financial support to cancer patients, the Tri-4 Your Cure Organization strives to perpetuate the courage and fortitude that Paul exemplified, and honor the inspiration he has been to his family and those that have been blessed to know him.

To further the Tri-4 Your Cure goals, the organization has selected Angel Foundation as a partner for the Tri-4 Your Cure Golf Classic. Angel Foundation provides emergency financial assistance and support to cancer patients and their families, and, since 2001, has provided more than $7 million in emergency financial assistance. All proceeds from the Tri-4 Your Cure Golf Classic will go to either Angel Foundation or directly to melanoma research activities.

"I hope that my life and the way I continue to fight, believe, and pray, will be an inspiration for others." - Paul Joern